Upcoming Classes:

The History of the Early Church

Marriage 101 (part 1)

False Systems of Belief

Marriage 101 (part 2) 

Get More out of Scripture


Core Classes:

Take at least 4 of the following if you are working toward a certificate: 

The Story

Walk through the Old Testament

Walk through the New Testament

Theology 101

Theology 201

Sharing Your Faith

Spiritual Growth and Transformation

Getting More out of Scripture

Theology Track:

Cults and other Belief Systems

World Religions

Defending Your Faith

The Gospel of Luke


The Words of Moses

Wisdom Literature

The Reformation

History of the English Bible

History of Christianity

Spirit Realm & The Afterlife

Retracing the Steps of Jesus

Women and Ministry

Christian Worldview

Marriage and Family Track:

Parenting Teenagers

Parenting Through the Ages

Marriage 101 (Sessions 1 & 2)

Teens and Media

Grieving with Hope

Practical Ministry Skills Track:

Coffee Cup Counseling

The Blessing

Spiritual Mentoring

Defending your Faith

Validity of Scripture

World Missions

Work as your Mission Field