What is Central Institute?

Central Institute is a church-based school of practical theology for those wanting to grow in Biblical knowledge and to acquire practical ministry skills.


Who can attend?

Central Institute is open to adults and teens who are willing to learn at an adult level.


Where will classes be held?

Classes will be held at Central Ministries Chapel Ridge, 5801 Schwartz Rd. and at Central Ministries Leo, 14717 Amstutz Rd.


Who will be teaching?

We have gathered a team of qualified teachers including Pastor Troy Jester, Women’s Counselor Melissa Soldner, Jim Welch, Vicki Gatchell, Counselor Sara Baldwin, Mike Bowersock and more who will teach from their areas of expertise.

What do we believe?

We are rooted in the Biblical and historic Christian Faith and teach God’s Word as fully inspired and defer to it as our authority in faith and practice.

For a more detailed statement of beliefs visit: http://www.centralministries.com/im-new/about/beliefs

What are the levels of learning?

There are two levels of learning offered through Central Institute:

  1. Audit level- attend class, listen, and in some cases interact with class material and other participants
  2. Certificate level- complete an assignment such as reading a book or watching an assigned video series and write a response to summarize your learning. You can earn a certificate of biblical studies by completing 12 classes, including at least 4 of the “core classes”

How do I contact you?


When do classes Start?

We began our first class September 12, 2017.  Please visit our class schedule here for more information.